Newo’s bolder and brighter look is here

Almost a year ago, Newo enlisted Second Revolution Communications (SRC) to help refine our company’s branding and communications in order to better share our vision with those who visit our site, encounter us on social media, or interact with us in person.

First, SRC took us through a Marketing and Branding Audit, assessing the effectiveness of our current strategies and tools and outlining recommended next steps, which consisted of three major projects:

Stakeholder survey

In the fall, we surveyed our stakeholders to find out more about our core audiences. The goal of the survey was threefold: to understand the demographics of our supporters and clients, to evaluate our program/service performance, and to establish a baseline for future surveys.

Here’s a graph that displays some of the information we captured about our supporters.

  • Female 60% 60%
  • Aged 50+ 77% 77%
  • Married/partnered 79% 79%
  • Rich in post-secondary degrees 90% 90%
  • Employed 47% 47%
  • or retired 44% 44%
  • Aware of Newo through family and friends 89% 89%
Logo redesign

It was Elder Roy Louis of Samson Cree First Nation who gave us the gift of our name and who drew the first iteration of our logo on a kitchen napkin, so naturally we decided to keep the components of our current logo and the core concepts behind it—specifically the use of Plains Cree symbols representing the four elements: air, fire, water and earth (and the races of people that inhabit the Earth). 

However, we refined the original design, using a more modern font, weightier strokes and brighter colours to give the logo more visual impact at smaller scales.

SRC also provided us with other versions of the logo, one of which includes the Cree syllabic spelling of newo, as well as an approximation of the pronunciation.

Newo Logo
Newo Global Energy
Website redesign

The largest task in the rebranding project has been the redesigning of our website. While we loved the feel of the old site, its underlying architecture was a bit outdated and no longer easy to use. The overall goals of the redesign were to enhance the visual appeal of the site and bring it inline with the colours in the new logo, better organize and present content, and establish the site on a platform that allows us to easily manage that content.

We will continue to make minor changes to the site as we work out the kinks, but if you notice any areas ripe for improvement, we’d appreciate your input. It’s been a long journey of decisions large and small, but we hope you like the look of our new logo and site!