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Bissell Centre

Bissell Centre is a social value agency that has been operating in Edmonton’s inner city since 1910. Bissell helps people who are homeless find homes, provides emergency food and clothing, supports families by offering free childcare and family support services, enables employment and life skills training, and empowers people to lead prosperous lives.

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Encompass Coop has over 30 years experience starting and running successful social enterprises in urban and First Nation communities across Canada. They help non-profits become more entrepreneurial, provide opportunities for investors to get social impact and financial returns and train governments to create markets for solutions.

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AKI Solutions Group is a non-profit, First Nations managed social enterprise that focuses its resources on finding relevant and effective solutions to meet community needs. The company incorporates Indigenous teachings and principles into the management process, and seeks to leave the communities in which they work with a change in mindset: the understanding that they have what it takes to solve community problems in the future.

Bissell Centre

Through shared values, coordinated action and relentless collaboration, Alberta Ecotrust unleashes a collective responsibility to secure a healthier society and natural environment.