Pecamu Makoce

A training program combining the work of healing the earth with the work of healing our hearts and souls

Pecamu Makoce

A training program combining the work of healing the Earth with the work of healing our hearts and souls.

The program

By pairing energy-efficiency and solar-installation work with a training and employment program, the aim of Pecamu Makoce (pronounced “pat-CHA-moo ma-KO-chee”) is to help participants develop into skilled and holistically healthy citizens of Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, equipped with the practical knowledge to run an Alexis-based organization that can take on green-energy projects.

Pecamu Makoce was given to me in a vision. An elder came to visit while I was sitting in this field, looking over a village. I felt that something was needed or missing and I heard “Pecamu. Pecamucad.” I was told in this vision to fix something; when I sit and reflect I’m told to help fix the earth, hence the name “Pecamu Makoce,” which translates to “fix the earth.”

Joby Yellowdirt

Pecamu Makoce emerged from a desire, expressed by Joby Yellowdirt to the Newo team, to develop a training program in the Nation that will help break the cycles of trauma and give Nation members a pathway to employment in the green-energy industry. In 2018, Joby took part in a training program, put on by Newo at Yellowhead Tribal College, that combined green-energy training with life-skills development. The program and his subsequent employment with Newo gave Joby support and resources to change the path he was on for the better, and he intends to share that gift with the community.

The first trainees entered the program in 2022, and the multi-year vision is to develop capacity within ANSN to complete energy-efficiency retrofits and solar retrofits on residential and commercial buildings within the community and beyond.

This program is grounded in the culture and language of the Alexis community and guided by elders. Our goal is to offer a space to build up the life skills needed to support healing and find self-direction in addition to professional training. Through the course, trainees get hands-on training and experience completing energy retrofits and solar installations. The ultimate goal is to create a team of skilled ANSN members with the professional and personal capacity to maintain a healthy career in the emerging green economy.


Decolonize: to share and recollect the knowledge and wisdom that are endangered, linking to holistic health to reconnect our soul and to point and guide on the right path as well as providing knowledge on how to be self sustainable. — Joby Yellowdirt

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