Pecamu Makoce launch

On June 27, we celebrated the official launch of the Pecamu Makoce training program. The joyful event (organized by program leaders and siblings Joby and Alana Yellowdirt) took place at the River Cree Resort and Casino, and kicked off with a special grand entry of the crew, Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation’s chief and council, and dancers.

In his opening remarks, Joby acknowledged the strong emotions brought up by reflecting on the losses and struggles of the past two years.

“Through this whole journey, I’ve been noticing a lot of growth in myself, and I have to thank Newo and the first training program that they put on at YTC. I’ve become stuck on green energy, and wanting a better future for my kids and grandkids.”

Sebastien Rioux spoke on behalf of Newo, expressing gratitude for the ongoing partnership with Alexis.

“Although we do renewable energy, we’re strong believers that technology isn’t the answer to the holes that we have in our society, the breakdown of relationship between our mind, body, spirit and emotions. The intention behind Joby’s training program is not only to help heal and fix the Earth, but to help heal that space, that trauma that has allowed us to do this damage on the world.”

Chief Tony Alexis lauded Joby’s pioneering of green energy in the community, and announced that Pecamu Makoce has the full backing of the Nation.

“I’m really proud of my nephew right now,” he said. “He’s building his own company, and the path that he has chosen is a very beautiful one; it’s the path that we all have to start thinking toward.”