commercial energy audits

An energy advisor examines a building for points at which energy loss wastes resources, costs you money and makes your building less comfortable.

commercial energy audits

An energy advisor examines a building for points at which energy loss wastes resources, costs you money and makes your building less comfortable.

our approach

We are a non-profit social enterprise seeking to nourish ourselves and our communities by taking a more person-centred approach. In our energy consulting work, we support our customers on their journeys to improve the performance of their buildings and their impact on the environment. We have worked with First Nations communities, churches, non-profits, net-zero industrial facilities and everything in between!

our services

ASHRAE I — building energy audit (walkthrough audit)

The majority of this evaluation is conducted during a site visit. We walk through the facility observing equipment and infrastructure, and speak with key staff members about your operating practices and plans for the future. Within approximately two weeks of the site visit, we will provide you with a brief report outlining opportunities for energy savings and our recommendation for prioritisation. Note that this audit does not involve any energy modelling so the results will be more qualitative than quantitative.

The walkthrough audit is a great option if you would like to better understand how your facility compares to others and the potential for energy savings.

Cost: $1,000 – $2,000

Timeline: 1 – 3 weeks

ASHRAE II — detailed energy audit

This is the evaluation usually required by granting bodies and involves a more detailed investigation of energy-saving potential. The main difference between this audit and ASHRAE I is the in-depth energy and financial analysis conducted by the energy auditor, usually taking 4-6 weeks. After conducting 1-3 site visits and learning about your operating practices and plans for the future, we analyse behaviour patterns, HVAC systems, building envelope, renewable energy potential, lighting systems, process energy uses and anything else affecting the energy use of your building. We model each energy-savings opportunity with care and provide a comprehensive report that lists the most promising opportunities, their financial performance and emissions reductions.

Cost: $5,000 – $15,000

Timeline:  1 – 2 months

energy consulting

Beyond the specific guidelines of ASHRAE Audits, we can work with you to analyse unique solutions, create energy models of your facility or partner with you to establish lasting changes in your building’s energy consumption. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us!

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Incentives, grants and rebates

Clean Energy Improvement Program

Currently only available in Edmonton, CEIP is a new way to finance energy-efficiency upgrades or renewable energy installations in Alberta. Commercial property owners can finance projects with a competitive interest rate and repayment terms of up to 20 years (depending on the type of upgrade).

This financing tool is for property owners to help fund a minimum of three commercial energy efficiency upgrades and/or renewable energy installations. The program makes repayment of the low-cost financing convenient through your building’s regular property tax bill. An ASHRAE Level 2 audit is required as part of CEIP.

Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program provides building owners with information to help them improve energy efficiency, find energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In previous years, this program had rebates to cover a portion of the costs of commercial energy audits. Rebates for this year should be released soon.

CIB Building Retrofits Initiative

The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) Building Retrofits Initiative (BRI) provides financing for energy retrofits projects. The Initiative invests in the decarbonization of building and provides attractive financing to reduce investment barriers and drive carbon savings. CIB works with the public and private sector as well as other market participants to modernize and improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Energy Savings for Business

Energy Savings for Business helps Alberta businesses improve their efficiency and reduce emissions by supplying funding for eligible commercial cost- and energy-saving technologies.

The program is now fully subscribed, but businesses can still apply to be added to the waitlist.

Capital Cost Allowance

This Class 43.2 tax incentive applies to for-profit businesses owners who own their buildings. You can write off up to 100% of the cost of solar, geothermal, and other potential projects from your taxable income in the first year! The net effect of this is that you will save approximately 25% (or whatever your corporate tax rate is) on the installed cost. The fine print is complex, however, and is best discussed with your accountant.

Church walkthroughs in Southern Alberta

Church walkthroughs in Southern Alberta

At the end of April, Newo’s certified energy auditors, Maroof Ahad and Garnet Borch, completed a whirlwind energy-audit tour of seven Southern Alberta United Churches that are exploring ways to reduce their environmental footprints through the United Church of...

Greening Faith Buildings

Greening Faith Buildings

Here are some suggestions that should help you get the best bang for your buck, starting with the easiest and most affordable.

Incentives to help your business go green

Incentives to help your business go green

Being in good relationship with the natural world means considering our environmental impact, and a part of that work is reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings. But as business owners know, it can be hard to access the capital needed to invest in energy-efficiency upgrades…

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